Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Wipe Techniques

As promised here is the scoop on the three baby wipe techniques featured on Three Card Mon Day.

Supplies:  Baby Wipes (non-alcohol); Re-inkers (several colors that compliment each other); glossy card stock

The simplest technique is Baby Wipe Swipe.  Fold the wipe on half two times.  Put a few drops of each color on the folded edge of the wipe.  Drag wipe across glossy card stock.  I needed to go over the same area three or four times to get good coverage. I like solid images stamped in black on top of this background.

The messiest technique is Baby Wipe Tie Dye.  Fold the wipe in quarters; starting at the folded point, add drops of ink (darkest first) to wipe forming a circle.  Open wipe up and twist it tightly like you are wringing out a cloth.  Open wipe up and lay it down on the glossy card stock and press (this is where it got messy - my hands were as colorful as the card stock).  As long as the wipe is damp, you can make multiple backgrounds.  Solid images look good here as the background is quite vivid.

My favorite technique is Baby Wipe Stamp Pad.  Fold wipe in quarters.  Add drops of ink, starting with the darkest color.  Tap a solid image stamp on the inked baby wipe and stamp onto any card stock.  This is the only technique of the three that does not require glossy card stock. 

Email me if you have any questions.  I would love to see your creations with any of these techniques; please send photos!  Have a great week and try to stay warm.
Happy Stamping!

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