Thursday, February 17, 2011


What does scoring have to do with paper crafting you ask?  Great Question!  

Though a very simple tool the Bone Folder (102300) makes a huge impact on precision and ease of putting together any paper craft project whether it be a simple card or a complex 3D project.  Scoring actually breaks some of the fibers in the paper making it easier to fold.  Even if you are the lucky owner of a Big Shot and most of the scoring is done for you, the bone folder still comes in handy for burnishing.
Bone Folder (102300)

To get nice crisp folds, simply line up a straight edge (the groove in your paper cutter works very well) and run the bone folder down the side of the ruler.  The side you score should be the outside of the fold - the little bump created by the score goes on the inside of the card.  Once you have scored and folded on the score line, use the flat edge of the bone folder and burnish (rub) the fold to make it a crisp crease.  It is said that "Its all in the details" and the bone folder helps every crafter from newbie to advanced create super fine details!  
Get your bone folder today and Score! Score! Score!

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