Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites - The Six Tools I Use Every Day

I'm sure everyone's list would be different; but, these are essential in my daily creating.
* First and foremost, the Paper Cutter (104152) - you can't make beautiful cards without being able to cut/score a straight line.
* Second would be Paper Snips (103579) - whether you are trimming ribbon edges or cutting out an image, the sharp blades make it a breeze.
* Third is my trusty Bone Folder (102300) - what good is straight scores if they aren't burnished to make crisp folds.
* Fourth, the Bone Folder's alter ego, a Stylus (100663) - though the Paper Cutter has a scoring blade, I have a heavy hand and tend to rip the paper with it so the Stylus comes to my rescue. Score!
* Fifth helps me keep it all together, what else but SNAIL Adhesive (104332) - what good is making gorgeous creations if the pieces all fall apart - easy to avoid this problem with this double-sided tape.
* Last, but certainly not the least, is the trusty old pencil - I prefer the mechanical type with a white eraser as I don't need sharpener and the paper doesn't tear when I remove any markings. 

Well, if you decide you must have tools, email me to place your order and I will throw in a mechanical pencil so you can take great notes too!

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